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Post and beam timber walls for a house extension.

This method of construction could also be considered as timber frame construction and is perhaps more traditional than the CLS timber stud internal walling systems.

Some of the earliest homes still around today were built as a post and beam construction and oak or elm was a widely used constructional material.

Certain modern day home builders are still using this method but they are not aimed at the mass home building market.

One off self builder quite like this method of construction due to its kit form and potential quicker build for a watertight shell. However, its use within the home extension market is somewhat limited to very bespoke garden buildings, garages and car ports for example. This method of construction happens more often within very expensive homes or within rural conservation environments.

Green oak is often used but again is usually very specialist orientated. The system involves forming a structural framework of substantial timber posts and beams at say 4.5M max centres either in a grid format or as required. The posts are then infilled with panels ranging from masonry to timber frame. The structural posts are usually left exposed externally as part of the design or as a pleasing feature.

Development of this building method has also pushed the design into contemporary highly glazed homes again factory built and delivered to site as a kit. The Germans have made a name for themselves with this form of house design with striking mono-pitched angular roofs and black and white wall panels.































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