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House extension methods

Many home owners can be very confused as to the methods of achieving a house extension to their homes. Many home owners approach a builder as an initial approach which regretfully is possible the totally wrong choice for advise.

So, is there a recognised method of obtaining a house extension? Certainly within my own practice there is. We have a very formulated approach to the methods of achieving a house extension for our clients but this mainly relates to the initial approach, breakdown of the design process into stages and an administrative regime that we know works well. All business no matter how they operate in which ever field need a system in order to be efficient, productive and successful.

The term house extension methods could also relate to the various methods of construction for home extensions which we have already covered elsewhere on this web site. We deem home extension methods to relate to the process of receiving the correct design of extension, properly approved at Planning and building Regulations approvals ready for the main contractor on site to implement for a pre-agreed cost.

The process is relatively straight forward but many home owners find it confusing and excruciatingly long winded with unnecessary bureaucracy and fees. We partly agree and welcome the day that the Government allows ‘self certification’ of the system to professionally qualified people as a sort of one stop shop - however, that scenario is never likely to happen so we have to make best use of the systems and separate professionals that we already have.

One example of a home extension method is to employ a design and build construction company to build your house extension to a predefined budget rather than your preferred design as the principal motivator. These can be very successful but without your own independent experienced and qualified house extension designer, you will not be obtaining the correct design advise fro day one - everything will be what the builder cam supply to the money offered.






































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