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House extension magazines

Magazines containing pictures, images and photographs of house extensions is a great source for ideas from kitchen extensions to loft conversions. However, many house extension magazines contain false or staged photographs that may not be fully compliant. Treat any ’wow’ factor images with caution.

Some house extension magazines contain topical content or real live case studies which can be interesting to read and follow. Regretfully though, many articles within these home extension or home improvement magazines are written by ‘general all rounder authors’ not really specialising in the home extension market and skimp over quite a bit of the relevant detail for a great glossy full of strap lines but of no real substance on the detail of getting it built or the issues you will encounter.

Please remember that all house extension or refurbishment magazines need funding from advertisers and are in business to make a profit from its readership. Therefore many will be pushing their point of view on a situation or advertisers product or service. They are very rarely offering independent advise specific to your situation so treat with caution.






































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