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House extension limits

This phrase often relates to how big can you make your house extension. House close can you go to the boundary. What are the house extension limits when extending a property. These are questions we get all the time usually at the initial site meeting to establish the requirements of our prospective client.

The answer usually ends up being a simple judgement call based upon experiences and this is why employing your own experienced and qualified house extension designer can be a vital element in your house extension design scheme. Without such good expert advise at the very start you could be simply wasting your time pursing a size of scheme that is totally out of scale and inappropriate for the wider area.

The general rule of thumb for most house extensions with regard to size limits is at fact that the extension must be in scale for the original property which usually means being clearly subordinate in height and area to the main dwelling. There are a few design tricks an experienced house extension designer can incorporate for when larger extension schemes are required to make the extension look less bulky and dominant.

Some single storey extension schemes can be built up to the boundary line with the neighbour provided there is no encroachment. Two storey extensions normally require a gap to the boundary of 1M minimum.

It is also possible to extend the single storey closer than the first floor element usually called the inset two storey side extension. In this regard there are some limits on house extensions but if formal Planning Permission is required it will still be a very subjective issue and all sites will have unique merits and constraints that may allow or prevent a house extension.






































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