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House extension light provision

Most home owners love light into their properties and many house extensions seek to improve upon this feature. Maximising light into a house extension is not always easy as not all walls or roofs can accommodate glazed areas and often the ones that can are orientated in the wrong direction (facing neighbours or trees for example).

To maximise house extension light into a property often requires clever thought and perhaps some compromises along he way. The use of bifold doors for long wall spans are a fairly classic solution these days especially for the large family kitchen extension. Open vaulted pitched roofs of single storey extensions incorporating Velux roof lights is another great source of obtaining light for a house extension.

Many areas of a home can become isolated internally by a house extension and often have no means to an outside wall. Such areas are corridor ends or en-suites. One fairly recent innovation to over come this has been the light pipe or other such name. These are roof lights ducted down to the ceiling via a mirrored pipe lighting up a lay light panel flush with the ceiling. These are great for bring light to potentially dark areas of rooms or circulation areas. Remember though that these do not have an visual aspect or outlook.

The downside of high areas of glazing is the potential for overheating I the summer and excessive cooling with higher energy requirements in the winter. The new glazed areas orientation and external obstructions for shading should also be considered.






































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