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House extension kits

Most house extensions are built using traditional match materials & normally involve the use of cavity brick/block walls, insulated cavity built up off a trench fill concrete foundation. However, many home owners want a simple ‘bolt on’ extension that may come in the form of a kit.

These are very few and until recently very limited. However, things may be changing as the factory built prefabricated route may be making a bit of a comeback given the evolving technology in building products and materials.

The most common form of house extension kit is still the conservatory house extension. These house extension kits are still readily available from places like Wickes. Whether this quick fix for extra space really ends up satisfying the homeowners wishes may be another thing.

Recently though several new designers and suppliers of house extension kits have come into the market and many could be considered as little more than contemporary style conservatories - the classic glass box. Some even have mechanical screw piled foundations that require no excavation using a steel framework support system for the main walls and floor. Whether they have the longevity and durability of a traditional built house extension remains to be proven but it is good that the ‘system build’ area of house extensions are evolving into something possible much better than before.

Many house extension kits are exploiting the potential development allowances under a site permitted development rights where formal planning permission is not required. Again how many of these house extension kits end up fitting the PD criteria exactly on a site by site basis is still likely to be small and most people seeking a home extension still favour a matching traditionally built home extension rather than a quick fix home extension kit that may end up being a compromise too far.






































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