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House extension kitchen design ideas

Over half the house extensions we complete seem to include a kitchen extension either as the primary requirement or as part of a larger scheme. The house extension designer is usually responsible for suggesting a rudimentary layout of the kitchen area with the proviso that later on the client will seek specialist advise from a spec list kitchen design or supplier who will drill down with a more detailed plan and illustration.

Some homeowners require a bit more detail on the kitchen design of the house extension early on in the works which can be completed with the aid of a specialist kitchen designer. It has been our experience that a clients choice of kitchen is as personal to them as selecting their under-ware so we tend to stay out of the finite detail.

Therefore, unless your house extension designer is also in interior designer and up to date on all the ranges and materials of kitchen furniture, do not expect them to provide you with lots of house extension kitchen design ideas other than for the basic layout and work route accepted concepts.

House extension kitchen design ideas can be obtained from a variety of sources from homes magazines to TV shows. Kitchen showrooms are a great source of inspiration and ideas for most house extensions. However, electing a kitchen design should not affect the planning & building regulations process if schedules and timescales are to be maintained.

Many homeowners can get too bogged down in minute detail of the finishing’s before crossing other more major hurdles of planning approval for example.






































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