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House extension inspiration images

Many home owners need extra inspiration for extending their homes. Whilst most home owners already have an idea of what they want to achieve, some need a visual trigger to become inspired for a house extension. Fortunately there are a great many sources of obtaining inspirational ideas for house extensions.

This is where your experienced home extension architect or designer is worth their weight in gold. They will analyse your property and describe at first what their vision is and what could be built around your existing property, what it lacks now and put together a strategy and budget for extending your home.

Another source of inspiration for house extensions is to purchase a few home improvement magazines of which there are many. Treat many of the photographs with caution though as some pictures or images are staged sets and are not real home extensions. The number of times I have seen stairs that have no side guarding or a fully open plan ground floor with the kitchen exposed to the bedrooms above is never ending - they simply would never be approved at Building Regulations.

Searching on the internet can be a great way of sourcing inspirational images for a house extension especially by visiting estate agent web sites to see real live images of what other home owners have completed with regard to house extensions. Many homes for sale that have been extended have full external and internal images to great effect. Again remember that the clever use of a wide angled lens can distort and over size any room.






































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