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House extension ideas and information UK

Most home owners do not need any home extension ideas or in formation in order to pursue their own home extension design. It has been our experience that most home owners extending their properties know exactly what they want. However, what they do often lack is the detail elements or the extra ideas that really make the extension work and become part of the main dwelling well assimilated in to the existing property.

Many home owners obtain house extension ideas and information from magazines, TV shows, and other pre-built examples around the local area. Most house extension ideas or information for home owners mainly relate to external design rather than how the space or spaces will actually be used. This is fine but your experienced and professional house extension designer or architect will be able to collate and interface all these design and use issues together.

The internet is another source of good house extension ideas and information as many house extension designers, architects and builders like to place a gallery of their previous work as a showcase of what they have achieved. A few simple search terms thrown through google images will reveal a host of house extension ideas and information. Remember to install the phrase UK after your searches otherwise you could be viewing totally out of character house extensions that would never fit inside the UK narrow design concepts.

Other places to look at for house extension ideas are local councils web site as most allow you public access to previous planning applications. It can take quite a bit of time to do this as there are usually many mouse clicks involved from going from application to application but it will reveals some other interesting house extension ideas.






































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