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House extension help

Most homeowners seeking house extension help on the internet have normally now fallen into dispute with their Designer, planning Dept. Building Control Dept. or more usually their builder. This is a regretful event as most home owners seek to avoid such circumstances and their house extension help or advise they receive may now be too late for full rectification and it becomes a damage limitation exercise in most cases.

House extension help can come I many formats depending upon the type of problem of distress the home owner finds themselves in. For example help with a planning permission problem could be overcome by employing an experienced house extension designer. A problem with a builders non performance or poor quality work cold be rectified b employing a qualified RICS building surveyor. It will never be a one stop shop for home owners seeking help with house extension problems.

There are TV shows called rouge traders or cowboy builders that seek to help distressed homeowners with their house extension problems. However, these are just TV shows that only help one or two householders at a time so relying on reporting a problem to them will probably fall on deaf ears.

One of the best advise routes for obtaining house extension help is to simply discuss the problem at length and ensure that each party understands each others issues or point of view. Many homeowners seek external advice far to quickly and then positions can get entrenched. So, before seeking help for your house extension problem please make sure that both parties have discussed the issues first.






































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