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House extension heating methods

Most house extensions simply need to extend their existing heating system into the new rooms. Most of the time the existing boiler can be utilised as most are already oversized for the dwelling. However, there is a growing trend to have alternative house extension heating methods such as log burning stoves, under floor heating, passive solar etc. all of which could be incompatible with the existing heating system.

Therefore, many house extensions will need full replacement or upgrading of the existing methods of heating. Under floor heating within the house extension is often unable to be connected to the existing house gas boiler for example due to the different heating temperatures required for the under floor system (lower) and the radiators (higher). A clever thermally controlled manifold can be installed to overcome this problem.

Another house extension heating method can be electrical matting for the under floor heating but as they use grid electrics they can be expensive to run for large floor areas. All under floor heating also has a control limitation - they are not instant heating methods as they rely on heating ups the thermal mass of the floor first which can take time so they are often best left on or for longer periods.

Te most common upgrade for home extension heating systems is to replace the existing gas or oil fired boiler for a more modern efficient one. These can be a good move as the payback period can be as little as 4 years. They are often more compact than the older higher water content boilers but they do require an external drain for the condensate from the condenser.

Whichever house extension heating method you go for it will require some thought as to its practicality of installation and use together with the costs. Your experienced house extension designer will be able to provide you with the options for compliance and make recommendations to assist your decision process.






































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