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House extension guide

Most house extension designers or architects (should you employ one) will become your house extension guide for most aspects of your home extension. However, many home owners like to source external information form other house extension guides before employing their own consultant.

This is usually time well spent for the home owner as the client will then become aware of many issues and aspects of house extension building that your designer or architect will have to deal with. Most home extension guides can found on the internet and this web site is simply one of thousands out there.

We do hope that you find this house extension guide to be an invaluable source of information for you that is continually be added to and updated so do bookmark it and return often. We have tried to make our house extension guide wide ranging from the nitty gritty technical and planning stuff down to the builder and home owner issues as a fairly comprehensive resource. If you feel that we have missed something or your would like something covered within our house extension guide then please do let us know by dropping us an email.

Alternatively you may be seeking a specific solution to a problem that you may have on your current house extension project of which our house extension guide may not cover. We would love to hear about it or offer an opinion for a possible solution so why not again drop us an email on your particular issue or problem.

When researching for additional sources of advice and information on the internet for your house extension guides, remember to mix and match your search terms. Remember to use phrases like home extension guide or householder extension design guide etc.

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