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House extension guarantee

There is no separate or individual house extension guarantee that the home owner can take out by them selves as far as we are aware. Some house extension builders belonging to a recognised trade association or body sometimes are able to offer a house extension guarantee but it will not come for free.

Most house extension guarantees offered by home extension builders are simply insurance backed products that demand a fee. The builders professional body simply acts as an intermediary in setting standards and controls for the builder to achieve that will reduce the risk of a potential claim to the insurer.

There is another way to meet most elements of your own house extension guarantee and that is to engage the correct people from day one. Most professional home extension designers or architects will have considerable skills in design, detailing and scheduling of the works required and like most things in life, the better the documentation the better the performance of the final contractor will be.

Take time to approach long term professional builders who have been recommended and check them and their previous clients out - go knocking on doors if you have to. Do your own due diligence. Paying for quality always comes at a price so do not skimp on the designer or the builder selection. This could be one step further to guaranteeing that you house extension will be built correctly without fault.

In our experience, most building claims of defects or failures and experiences from cowboy builders seem to occur most when the home owner has tried to cut corners or skimped on employing the correct house extension team. Those that employ part time ‘plans drawn’ people to save on professional fees and simply end up with a deficient set of plans and specifications then end up applying that same thinking to the builder selection and employ someone recommended down the pub of unknown origin working from a mobile phone number only. Then the home owner wonders why the builder is claiming excessive extra costs for missed work schedules and detailing or the builder has thrown up a basic shell of dubious quality and run off with all the house extension funding money.






































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