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House extension gallery

A nice feature to any home extension is to incorporate a gallery or galleried landing for example. This is where a first floor element overlooks the ground floor area. This is usually from the first floor landing with a direct open view into the ground floor hall usually looking having a site line to the front door.

The galleried entrance hall effect can be the first element of any home extension having a ‘wow’ factor. If your current home does not already have a gallery entrance hall then any new home extension to incorporate this feature must be around the front door area - perhaps a two storey front extension where internal remodelling of the existing parts of the home can be altered to create such a feature.

If you can achieve a fully open vaulted front entrance hall with a site line of the stairs & the first floor landing area as soon as you enter the home, this can be a very valuable feature and has the benefit of creating an open and light feeling for the main circulation areas of any property.

Some gallery hall and landing areas can be fully lit with natural light. A dark entrance hall can be flooded with borrowed light from the first floor landing window for example while a ‘window locked’ first floor landing area with no window can borrow light from the ground floor hall glazed door set. Having natural light at both levels within the gallery area is obviously the best approach but this is not always possible.

Some gallery circulation areas have a full height vertical window within the stair well and again this is a great way to light up a gallery hallway for the main circulation areas. It is possible to form an internal gallery from the first floor looking into the living room or kitchen for example but these can be difficult to make comply with Building regulations regarding fire regulations and means of escape. This feature is usually only found in a new contemporary homes that can incorporate the best use of space and compliance features rather than extending an existing home.






































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