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House extension Granny flat

Some house extensions are required for additional family living as independent living units such as granny flats. These granny flat house extensions can be contentious developments with most planning departments as they see them as an easy route for sub-letting or undesirable sub-division of households alter on.

Therefore to get around this most house extension granny flats must not be fully independent and have an element of shared space such as a bathroom or kitchen. Having a totally separate access or front door to the granny space can also be resisted by the planning dept.

Some form of integration of the house extension granny flat is usually key for obtaining planning approval should the scheme not fall under the sites permitted development allowances. There are also clever ways to obtain a higher level of separation for the granny flat of the house extension from that presented on the planning scheme drawing and discussion with your experienced and professionally qualified house extension designer will be able to provide you with some options on the techniques.

Fully detached granny annexes are normally resisted by most planning authorities due to the ease in which they could form the basis of a new independent dwelling that could be sub let or sold off as a separate entity later on. Should this be the best or only option for your house extension granny flat then there are ways to achieve this but it is not without risk or extra cost. One way is to offer the council a section 106 legal agreement that gives them grater control as to how the detached granny flat can be used during and after the life of the granny.

There are also devious devices and methods for obtaining a detached granny flat house extension but these can only be discussed with real live current clients as again, it is not without risk.






































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