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Process checklist for work on historic homes

1 Before carrying out any work on a building, contact the local authority’s conservation and planning departments to see if the property is listed, is subject to an Article 4.2 or 4.1 direction, or is in a conservation area.

2 Check if any of the proposed works require consent – such as listed building consent, planning permission or conservation area consent. Check how building regulations and any other legislation will apply. Ask for realistic estimates of timescales to obtain all the various permissions required, and discuss the likely frequency of work inspection site visits.

3 Any proposed works to listed buildings usually require specialist help and should be carried out by someone with experience and understanding.

4 All listed buildings are listed internally and externally and the listing could also cover other structures within the property boundary.

5 It is sensible to seek advice from the local planning department before making the formal application. Provide photographs of the site, a letter outlining the proposals in a series of bullet points, and sketches with accurate measurements.

6 Repairs to listed buildings must be ‘like for like’. The use of traditional and appropriate materials is essential.

7 Alterations to a listed building must be justified and alterations should have the least possible impact on its special historic value.































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